Oxford Skateboards Original Lo Trucks 149mm, Neochrome

OxfordSKU: 172791



OXFORD Trucks, Neo Chrome


Chromoly Alloy Forged Baseplate and Hanger
Standard 13mm Nylon Axle Lock Nuts
Standard 15mm Nylon Kingpin Lock Nut
99a Durometer Bushings
4mm Kingpin Clearance
Forged Axle and Kingpin
One Of A Kind Neo Chrome Colour
Weight 340g Per Truck (680g per set)


Our trucks have been designed to be one of the lightest and strongest on the market. Featuring an overall lower design and improved motion geometry, our trucks will suit every skateboarder. We have created a thinner base plate which allows you to run ⅞” bolts for a cleaner look and a lighter skateboard. This limited edition colour will also make them look like jewellery on any skateboard.


Our trucks have been tested and approved by our team. The chromoly hanger provides longer wear and tear when grinding. This is an added bonus when being used for concrete spots and pool coping.

Both hollow forged axle and kingpin have been machined to the highest quality to ensure that the weight reduction has not compromised the overall strength of the truck.

As is a stronger metal that most; the axle is more resistant to damage compared to others in terms of damage from landing primo. Our kingpin is also machined in the same principal of strength and weight

Grind Clearance

Our trucks have been engineered to have a lower design and with this comes a lower kingpin. We have machined the kingpin clearance to sit 4mm below the hanger to give the optimal grind clearance whilst still have the option to run loose or tight trucks; the kingpin simply doesn’t catch.

The hanger has also been made as wide as possible to give you the most grind room possible whilst still maintaining the ideal truck size.


Our trucks feature a slightly larger pivot point than most other trucks on the market. This allows you to have more control over looser trucks and less wheel bite. This also creates a more responsive turning circle as it provides a greater feel on the pivot point.

These trucks stand at 53.5mm tall making the ideal wheel size to be 52mm-54mm. With wheels this size you reduce the risk of wheel bite and you will be closer to the ground giving you a quicker and cleaner pop.

Coming as standard with 99a bushings you can run these super tight or super loose with no consequences. There bushings provide a truly smooth turn.


Our trucks are one of, if not the lightest in the world. We have designed and engineered our trucks to have the most strength in areas where weight has been removed. Using specialised machinery we have been able to create a truck that is over 10% lighter than major brands and just as strong if not stronger.

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