Science In Sport SiS GO Caffeine + Energy Gel 30 Pack

Size: Citrus


Energy Gel with added caffeine to provide a mental and physical boost

  • When pushing yourself hard, your brain controls how fatigued you feel
  • Caffeine acts as a stimulant on the brain to lower your perception of effort, allowing you to keep pushing and maybe stretch yourself a little further
  • Research suggests that 5mg of caffeine per kg of body mass is thought to be beneficial for endurance performance, which for a 70kg person would equal 350mg
  • SIS GO Energy + Caffeine Gel can help you hit this goal
  • All SiS GO Energy + Caffeine Gels are tested under the Informed Sport Certification program
  • Usage: Consume 1 gel 1 hour before exercise for high intensity, short duration events to ensure the body starts with elevated caffeine levels
  • In longer duration events such as a marathon, consume no more than 2 gels per day and aim to consume within the last two hours when your fatigue level is high
  • Ensure you also keep hydrated - this gel is not isotonic

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