Independent Kit Genuine Spare Parts Kit



In need of an extra bushing or you lost a bolt? Solve those little problems by picking yourself up the Independent Genuine Spare Parts Kit. All your necessities in one compartment to help you fix those little problems to get you where you need to go and do what you need to do. This set comes complete with 2 GP-S bearings, 1 set of 7/8” black bolts and nuts, 1 set of assorted 7/8” silver, gold and red nuts and bolts, 2 pivot cups, 1 set 88a red cushions, 1 set 90a orange cushions, 2 top cup washers, 2 bottom cup washers, 4 bearing spacers, 8 speed rings, 4 axle nuts, and 2 kingpin nuts.

Kit includes:

2 GP-S bearings

1 Set of 7/8” Black Bolts / Nuts

1 Set Assorted 7/8” Silver, Gold, Red Bolts / Nuts

2 Pivot Cups

1 set 88a Red Cushions

1 set 90a Orange Cushions

2 Top Cup Washers

2 Bottom Cup Washers

4 Bearing Spacers

8 SpeedRings

4 Axle Nuts

2 Kingpin Nuts

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